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Body Contouring Jumpsuit - Sky Blue

Body Contouring Jumpsuit - Sky Blue

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Introducing the Body Contouring Jumpsuit – because curves deserve to be flaunted. Slay effortlessly in sizes S, M, and L. This jumpsuit is softer than your ex's apologies.

Choose your weapon – tan, brown, light blue, or black. Because life's too short for boring colors.

This jumpsuit isn't just soft; it's a literal hug for your curves. Waist-slimming? Girl, we got you. Stretched to fit even the curviest queens. Zip it up near the chest, and get ready to unleash your inner bombshell.

 in their 20s, because who said you can't be comfy and slay at the same time? This jumpsuit is more than an outfit; it's a mood.

Get ready to snatch waists and break hearts.

  • Material: 92% Egyptian Spandex 8% Italian Nylon
  • Body Contouring
  • Stretchy
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